2023 Crossroads Presentations - Oral and Poster

Oral Presentations

Gearon, J.H.1, Martin, H.K.1, DeLisle, C.1, Barefoot, E.A.1, Edmonds, D.A.1, Mohrig, D.2, and Paola, C.3

IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, University of Texas at Austin2, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis3

Investigating Hypotheses for River Avulsion using Space-Borne Lidar

Kort, A.E.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Photogrammetry and Fortnite: Epic new tools for 3D digitization and a word of caution about their use

Martin, H.K.1, Lewis, Q.W.2, and Edmonds, D.A.1IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, University of Waterloo Geography and Environmental Management2

A transit through Galloway space: process dominance naturally changes as deltas grow.  WINNER Ph.D. Oral Presentation

Peltier, D., Johnson, C.C., and Njau, J.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Biostratigraphic framework of Bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Salcido, C.J. and Polly, P.D.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Functional drivers of evolutionary rates in mandible shape of carnivorous therian mammals: a study using biomechanical modeling and geometric morphometrics

Poster Presentations
Adams, C. and Rader, S.T.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Constraints on the Remobilization of Thallium and Fluid-Mineral Interactions During High-Pressure Metamorphism

Anderson, S.B.1, Njau, J.K.1,2, Herrmann, E.W.1,3 IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, Stone Age Institute2, IU Anthropology3

Geoarchaeological Mapping with UAV, SfM Photogrammetry and GIS at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. WINNER Master's Poster

Caro, K.Y and Kenderes, E.M.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

How do changes in precipitation affect volcanic activity at Yellowstone?

Castro-Perdomo, N.1, Johnson, K.M.1, Maurer, J.2, and Materna, K.3IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, Missouri University of Science and Technology2, USGS, Moffett Field, CA3

Using Geodetically-Derived Strain Rates to Infer Slip Deficit Rates on Faults in the Western US

Chandroth, A. and Johnson, C.C.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Mapping the spatial shift in community structure of shallow water corals in the Caribbean


Chenevert, E., Gearon, J., and Edmonds, D.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Using Explainable Machine Learning to Investigate the Controls of Vertical Accretion on the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain, Louisiana, USA.

Dills, C.W.1, Hamburger, M.W.1, Nowicki Jessee, M.A.2, Ruiz Cabillo, P.3, and Valverde, J.3IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, IUPUI Earth Science2, University of Costa Rica3

Analysis of earthquake-induced landslides in Costa Rica using a global landslide prediction model. WINNER Undergrad Poster


Han, J.-Y.1, Lee, J.2, and Kim, W.2IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea Earth System Sciences2

The Bifurcated Channel Networks in Modern River Deltas depending on Climate


Hawley, K.M., Johnson, C.C., and Rader, S.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Geochemical examination of submerged archaeological ceramics from eastern Dominican Republic. WINNER Ph.D. Poster


LaBarge, T.W.1, Gardner, J.D.2, and Organ, C.2IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences1, University of Reading School of Biological Sciences2

The Evolutionary Ecology of Gigantism in Terror Birds


Lin, Y.-S.IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The Dynamics of Bedrock Channel Incision and Lateral Migration under Various Rates and Patterns of Rock Uplift

Lombardo, S.J.2,1, Wasserstein, M.1, Veals, P.1, and Steenburgh, J.1University of Utah Atmospheric Sciences1, IU Earth and Atmospheric Sciences2

Improving Avalanche Forecasts: Verification and Bias Correction of GFS Precipitation Forecasts in Little Cottonwood Canyon


2023 Crossroads Presentation Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Crossroads presentation winners!

  • Undergrad poster: Carter Dills
  • Master’s poster: Sam Anderson
  • PhD poster: Kirsten Hawley
  • PhD oral presentation: Harrison Martin