Oral Presentations
Presenter NameAuthorsInstitutionTitle
Nicolas Castro PerdomoCastro-Perdomo, N., and Johnson, K.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Slip Deficit Rate Inversions in the Eastern Mediterranean from GNSS-Derived Strain Rates

Janelle CookCook, J., and Zhu, C. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

A Basalt Dissolution and Clay Precipitation Study: Using Multiple Isotope Tracers to Close Knowledge Gaps in Enhanced Rock Weathering

Kenia Yasmin Caro

1Caro, K.Y., 1Kenderes, K.M., and 2Kenderes, S.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2Indiana University Indianapolis

What changes are occurring in Yellowstone Caldera’s geothermal activity with changes in precipitation?: A Thermal Model Study

Ricardo ElyEly, R.C.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Evaluating Early High Disparity Phenotypic Evolutionary Rates and Modes in Ichthyosauria

Sierra LopezallesLopezalles, S.M.Department of Biology, IUB

The Shape of Speed: The Relationship Between 3d Humerus Shape and Maximum Running Speed

Xander LowryLowry, X. and Kieu, C.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Extreme Rapid Intensification of Hurricanes Otis (2023) and Patricia (2015): Machine Learning Diagnoses

Yu PengPeng, Y., Wang, L.X., and Jacinthe, P.A. Earth and Environmental Sciences, IUI

Synergistic effects of cover crop and no-tillage to greenhouse gas emission under real farming conditions

Kwesi Quagraine

Quagraine, K.T., O’Brien, T.A., and Mohammad, R.I.


 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB


Similarities in Meteorological Composites Among Different Atmospheric River Detection Tools During Atmospheric River Landfall

Trent SteginkStegink, T.G. and Rader, S.T.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences IUB

Lead Translocation and Isotopic Fractionation After Uptake by Brassica juncea (Brown Mustard)

Sinclaire ZebazeZebase, S., and O'Brien, T.A. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Spatial and temporal Climatology of Coastal Fog: Insights from RegCM-UW Simulations

Poster Presentations
Presenter NameAuthorsInstitutionTitle
Anupama ChandrothChandroth, A., and Johnson, C.C. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Impact of Morpho-functional group redundancy on the origination and extinction of Caribbean corals

Ping-Chen Chiang

1Ping-Chen Chiang

1Kaj M Johnson, 2Kuo-En Ching, 1Brian J Yanites, 3Ray Y Chuang

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2Department of Geomatics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
3Department of Geography, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Present-day to Millennial Timescale Plate Kinematics of Mountain Building Across Taiwan


Sayan DasYanites, B.J., Chiang, P.D., Johnson, K.M.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Disentangling the relationship between tectonic uplift, channel
morphology and sediment grain size

James H. GearonGearon, J.H., Barefoot, E.A., and Edmonds, D.A.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Moving past planform morphologies by characterizing the vertical dimension of the world

JeongYeon Han

1Han, J., 2Kim, W., and 1Edmonds, D.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences IUB
2Earth System Sciences, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Decoupling in-channel and levee sedimentation in a morphodynamic model of a channel-floodplain system

Moses Jatta

1Jatta, M., 1Gilhooly III, W., 1Licht, K., 2Graly, J., 2Winter, K., 3Hansen, C.L., 3Hamilton, T., 1Woodie, K.


1Indiana University Indianapolis, 2Northumbria University Newcastle, 3University of Minnesota

Tracing microbial footprints in Greenland's subglacial Naled ice meltwater: an isotopic perspective

Mia Keller

1Keller, M.D., 1Hurst, J., and 2Hedrick, T.J.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUB


Flood risk in British Columbia

Ya-Shien Zax Lin

1Lin, Y.S., 1Yanites, B.J., 1Pinnick, B.N., 2Schanz, S.A.

1 Earth and Atmosphere Sciences, IUB
2Geology Department, Colorado College, Colorado

Characterizing sinuosity in the Oregon Coastal Range for enhanced landscape evolution insights


Aleksandr Marfin

1Marfin, A.E., 1Rader, S.T., 2Davydova, V.O., 2Shcherbakov, V.D.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Heterogeneity of the mantle beneath the Kamchatka arc: Tl isotope evidence

Trung Nguyen

1Trung, N.-Q., 1Kravitz, B., 2Lauer, A.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Future intensity-duration-frequency curves of extreme precipitation in the Midwest United States


Isheka OrrOrr, I. and Filippelli, G.Applied Earth and Environmental Sciences IUI

The impacts of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) events on microbial water quality in urban waterways

Yu PengPeng, Y., Wang, L., and Jacinthe, P.A. Earth and Environmental Sciences, IUI

Synergistic effects of cover crop and no-tillage to greenhouse gas emission under real farming conditions


Brianna PinnickPinnick, B.N., and Yanites, B.J. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences IUB

Channel Response to an Anthropogenic Water Diversion in Dump Creek


Varin RadiaRadia, V.Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB

Warming Seas: Analyzing the Link Between Local Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies and Tropical Cyclone Activity

Charles J. Salcido

1Salcido, C.J., 2Wilson, P.J., 5Tweet, J., 3McCann, B., 4Boyd, C.A., and 5Santucci, V.

1Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, IUB
2Geology and Geological Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
3Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, ND
4North Dakota Geological Survey, Bismark, ND
5Paleontology Program, National Park Service, Washington D.C.

A paleontological resource inventory of Theodore Roosevelt National Park reveal potential for future vertebrate paleontological research and management

Samantha Sheahan

Sheahan, S.G. and Jacinthe, P.-A.

Department of Earth Sciences, IUI

Assessing the viability of phosphorus fertilizer rate reduction as a water quality protection strategy in agricultural watersheds of the US


Hong TanTan, L.H., Kenderes, S., Nyarko, S.C.Department of Earth and Environmental Science, IUI

Nature of Geoscience Education Research: 2-day Lesson

Brooke Vander Pas

1VanderPas, B., 1Gilhooly, W., and 2Dattilo, B.

1Department of Earth Sciences, IUI
2Department of Biology, Purdue University Fort Wayne

Late Ordovician Environmental Dynamics in the Cincinnati Region: New Evidence of the HICE from a Shallow-Marine Sequence in Indiana, USA

Therra Wilbrandt

Wilbrandt, T., Gilhooly, W., Vander Pas, B.

Department of Earth Science at Indiana University Indianapolis

Exploring Iron Dynamics Along the Atlantic Mid-Ocean Ridge: A Sequential Extraction Approach

2024 Crossroads Presentation Winners

Congratulations to the 2024 Crossroads presentation winners!

  • Undergrad poster: Brianna Pinnick
  • Undergrad oral presentation: Xander Lowry
  • Master’s poster: Moses Jatta
  • Master's Trent Stegink
  • PhD poster: Sayan Das
  • PhD oral presentation: Sierra Lopezalles